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We have been choosen ” Wedding planer of the year 2018” at Love Me Do wedding expo.

Weddings in Italy – We plan professionally a full-service weddings in Italy with many years of experience. We always give our best for your perfect wedding. Let us be in charge of planning your wedding and you with your loved one can focus on your wedding day with relax and joy.

Weddings in Finland - From this year we plan weddings also in Finland. We have many professional contacts from wedding planners, tipical finnish villas, floral-designers, caterings to technics of music and lights.
We also make part of The Association of Wedding Planners in Finland.

Contact us and together we can start planning your perfect wedding.

Different ways to set up a wedding in Italy:
Countryside weddings: Weddings at the middle of the countryside, beautiful and peaceful
City weddings: Weddings in the city if you like excitement and movement
Unique destinations: We offer many amazing unique destinations, like weddings at the medieval castle

Wedding planning with years of experience: Do weddings abroad sound like expensive and too over the top? We have planned several weddings over the years under the beautiful sun of Italy, in Tuscany and Garda lake. Now in the options also: Sardinia, Sorrento, Sicily and Rome. We have already contacts in Italy, so transactions with us are easy and quick, without extra expences.

Party venue options are so many from medieval castles to idyllic winerys. The couple has to think only about the flight tickets and invitations for the big day, what we need to know is the wedding destination and the party wishes.
For the rest, Toscanan Tuuli will take care about it on the premises. We take care of everything for you.

Over the years, we acquired a wide network of contacts, local knowledge, rich cultural and costums knowledge, and a great language skills that guarantee you a successful trip. So get in touch with us when you are about to plan your lifetime journey to Italy.

Wedding services
There are practically two ways to get married in Italy:

CIVIL MARRIAGE is the most popular because it is legal and valid all over the world. The city determines the place suitable for the wedding, which is usually a historic and valuable city hall, a medieval castle, a view terrace lined with city walls or a beautiful garden. The wedding takes about 20 minutes and is translated into finnish by Toscanan Tuuli, Mari or Minna. Two witnesses are needed for the scene. The wedding can be customized to your own appearance by adding music, singing or even a poem to the appropriate places. Sometimes even the mayor himself/herself may get excited to give a speech to the wedding couple. The wedding is often such an emotional event that no one can leave without tears - not even the translater :) We take care of all the bureaucracy for both of you before and after the wedding. We submit your marriage certificate to the local authority for legalization, which after it will be ready for the registration in Finland. A possible change of names will also be made here.

SYMBOLIC WEDDING has become more common in recently. It doesn’t have the force of the law, so the wedding couple will have to go to an official wedding ceremony in their own local register office before arriving in Italy. The wedding can be delivered at any place chosen by the wedding couple, for example in the garden of the villa they rent, on the stunning beach or at the best vantage point. A symbolic wedding is often officiate to the wedding couple by a loved one, such as a godfather or a common friend. When it comes to symbolic wedding, many people thinks that, what is the real moment when you say “I do” to the person you love? Which is the real wedding day? Is it then in the local register office in Finland, or under the Italian sun? For this reason, however, the official civil inauguration holds its own. In addition, RELIGIOUS BLESSING is also possible if you have your own priest with you. There are a few Protestant or Anglican churches in Italy where blessings are possible. Some villas for rent also have their own chapel that can be used for this purpose.

PERSONAL MEETING: Mari meets the wedding couple early in the planning process. The appointment can also be arranged via a video call (for exmpl. Teams or Skype). During it, we go through different options, budgets, and get to know each other. It is important to see that our personal chemistry works and that we can plan the day of your dreams in the best possible way. It is a pleasure and an honor to walk this journey with you before your wedding. When the wedding day finally comes, the emotional charge is reciprocal.

WEDDING SERVICE PACKAGES have proven to be functional entities. There is a “cutted off” version if the wedding couple wants to make their own preparations, as well as a “full service package” when they want a stress-free wedding. It is vital that we stay within the budget. We compete with service providers and offer you a variety of options for music, flowers, hairstyles and wedding dinners. We also have an extensive network of contacts in Italy and we can recommend you the best workers. We never charge separately for extra hours of work. Service packages starts from 1600 eur.

  • INTIMATE WEDDING / 2-10 GUEST: from 1600 EUR (Tuscany)/ 2100 EUR (other parts of Italy)
  • STRESSLESS WEDDING / 11-50 GUEST: from 2300 EUR (Tuscany) / 2600 EUR (other parts of Italy)
  • FULL SERVICE WEDDING / 10- 150 GUEST: from 3300 EUR ( Tuscany) / 3600 EUR ((other parts of Italy)


For more informations you can contact me : info@toscanantuuli.com